How to do Animations in PowerPoint?

Introduction: Microsoft PowerPoint is a robust software that enables users to create captivating and interactive presentations. While most users are familiar with its basic features, many are unaware of the

Revenue – the top line that everyone is chasing

WHAT IS REVENUE? Revenue is the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods or rendering of services related to the company’s primary operations calculated as the sales

INDIRECT Function – nothing direct about it

The Indirect function returns the reference specified by a text string. It is used to indirectly reference cells, ranges, other sheets within the same workbook or a different workbook. Instead

Contribution Margin – did you break even?

The target of all the companies is to make sufficient profits so as to cover its fixed cost and make net profits. A company needs to spend money to make

Index Match – A combination made in heaven

Index-Match function has become more popular tool in excel than VLOOKUP function as it solves the limitations of VLOOKUP and is similar and more dynamic to use. While the X-Lookup

Top 15 tech skills for resume to get a pay raise

Introduction to the importance of tech skills in finance In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology has become an integral part of every industry, including finance. As financial institutions strive