Balance Sheet – Do they hide more than they reveal?

A balance sheet is a financial statement that communicates the so-called “book value” of an organization. It is nothing but a representation of companies Assets, Liabilities, and Shareholders’ equity as

What Are the Financial Components of a Company?

The financial components of a company’s financial statements include assets, liabilities, equity, and capital. If you want to learn more about a specific financial component, you can find information on

Financial Ratios: Use and Application

Introduction to financial ratios Financial ratios are powerful tools that provide valuable insights into a company’s financial health and performance. By analyzing various financial ratios, investors, creditors, and analysts can

Valuation Metrics: Enterprise Value and Equity value

Introduction to enterprise value and equity value When it comes to financial analysis, two key concepts that often come up are enterprise value and equity value. These terms are fundamental

What are Financial Functions in Excel?

Financial functions in excel are special operations that perform calculations based on different variables that you provide. These functions can help you manage your personal finances and make them easier