PowerPoint Zoom: A Great Way to Make Interactive Presentations

PowerPoint Zoom: A Great Way to Make Interactive Presentations

The PowerPoint zoom feature is a great way to make the presentation dynamic and interactive. When you use this feature, the slides are not presented in a usual order. This feature helps present slides in any order as one likes during the presentation making it more interactive.

This feature is available in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft office 2019. It is not available in other modules.

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Understanding the Zoom Feature

Zoom feature can be leveraged in just 2 steps

Step 1 – Create basic slides

Create the slides you want to have in your presentation.

For our example, we have 5 slides showing the Presentation rules.

Step 2 – Insert the Zoom Feature

To insert the Zoom feature. Insert an additional blank slide. Then Go to Insert > Zoom

Then Select Slide Zoom.

Choose the slides you want in the Zoom Summary slide. Then click insert. You get the screen shots of the selected slides on one slide. This slide becomes your Summary Zoom Slide.

Format the Summary Zoom Slide. Change the background (if required) and place the screen shots as required (Example shown below).


Now when you go to the presentation mode, you have the option to jump to specific slides and portions of your presentation by clicking on the relevant screen shot.

You can decide where to go based on the flow of the presentation. Summary Zoom Slide helps you control your presentation. You can get move ahead, skip a section, or revisit slides of your presentation without interrupting the flow of your presentation.

Now let us discuss a few other important points.


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Section Zoom

This feature is useful if your presentation has multiple slides in one section. In such case, divide your presentation to the appropriate sections. Then insert a blank Slide and Go to Insert > Zoom > Insert Section Zoom. Seen Screen shots below.


Once you click insert. You get the screen shots of the selected sections on one slide. This slide becomes your Summary Zoom Slide.

Now you can choose specific sections you want to present based on the flow of your presentation.


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Change Image

Instead of screenshots (as shown in the example) if you want to use any other image, click on the slide screenshot then Click on Zoom > Change Image

Once you click on Change image, you can select the images from a file , or select online. You can also use icons.

Once you make the relevant selection, the slide screen shot changes to the chosen image.

Return to Zoom

If you want to move to the Zoom Summary slide after discussing the chosen slide or section, you should select Return to Zoom.

Click on the slide screenshot then Click on Zoom >Return to Zoom


You should repeat this step for all the slides in the Summary Zoom slide. For select slides/section, if you do not want to move back to the Summary Zoom slide then do not choose this option.

Zoom Transition

The Zoom Transition feature helps create an impressive visual effect when you move from one slide to the other. The default option chosen is Zoom Transition. If you do not want this transition effect, then Go to Zoom> Deselect Zoom Transition


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There are multiple design options/border/effects options available in the Zoom Feature. These can be chosen to change the images on the Zoom Summary slide.

This is how we can make our presentation lively. Rather than following the usual flow of slides, with the help of the new Zoom feature we can navigate between slides depending on the flow of our presentation.

Keep learning new things and have fun.

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