Nanodegree Programs and Online Learning: What You Need to Know

Nanodegree Programs and Online Learning: What You Need to Know


A breakthrough in the sector of education that emerged few years ago is the trend of micro credentials and nanodegrees. Nanodegrees are a very new way to add up your credentials in an era that is marked by democratization of education. Nanodegrees have managed to create a revolutionary trend in the training world. Their popularity have spiked up since these have given the degree holders access to various specific skill jobs across the globe. As the world prepares for the future generations for more AI-driven jobs, the format of nanodegree will have a strong foothold in the education sector.


A nanodegree is a certified online educational course enabling students to build certain specialized skills sets in areas related to data science, AI and web development. Nanodegrees are primarily collaborative and customized programs that mainly focus on up-skilling or re-skilling individuals rather than putting the person go through immense bookish knowledge.

Back in 2012, this breakthrough or milestone marked its beginning when Udacity, an online education platform began to impart nanodegrees. As the name suggests, nanodegrees are mini degrees which are designed to equip people with specific advanced technical skills. Generally, course duration is between 6 to 12 months. These courses are only available online. Individuals get the benefit of flexibility, universality and customization of courses. So, nanodegrees are becoming sought-after programs for professionals who want to up-skill themselves without taking a break in their careers. The pedagogy and curriculum of these courses are well structured and class apart from traditional professional courses. Various collaborative tools like blogs, video chats, mini sites and wikis are used in nanodegrees to facilitate better learning among students. Emphasis is given on more hands-on training and applications studies by employing methods of projects, case studies, test cases etc.


The Information and Communication Technology ushered in a new foundation in the field of education and more specifically credentials. As per the claims of a top-notch consultancy firm, McKinsey, a worldwide shortfall of workers with thorough technological know-how will be witnessed in the coming decades. With intent to reduce the gap between supply of skilled professionals and their demand nanodegrees were introduced as a breakthrough. Incorporating online learning with flexibility and course customization, nanodegrees on artificial intelligence, data analytics, app development, digital marketing, business analytics and web development are mainly the sought after courses by people.

Few of the benefits of studying nanodegrees are:

  • You will learn relevant skills with proper hands-on training – When you are taking up a nanodegree you will definitely skip on those long winding lectures and irrelevant curriculum and course work. The courses are done up in a very crisp format to teach only demonstrable skills.
  • Learn from experts – You get to connect and directly learn from industry experts and experienced professionals. Apart from your regular instructor, special interactive sessions are there to learn from experts. Even experts also design the modules at times.


  • Change your career path – The future job market awaits for AI driven jobs. From that angle if you have nach in technology a nanodegree can help you change your current career to more cutting-edge jobs in lines of data analytics or so on.
  • Nanodegrees are valued by employers – Don’t think that nanodegree is the new hyped trend in the education panorama. These degrees are valued and recognized by employers. It comes with a certificate that attests your knowledge and relevant skills. But at the same time don’t think that holding a certificate will guarantee you a job. Unless you can demonstrate your skills, no job comes handy.
  • You get flexibility and fun in learning –Currently, learning especially online format gives you a lot of benefit in terms of anywhere anytime course access, ease in taking up the course, lots of fun and gamification in learning. All these features help you to enjoy learning rather than become stressed out. You do not need to hold your career on top to up skill yourself.

Nanodegrees, the new education disruption has formed an integral part of educational revolution. This new trend to democratize education will soon unfurl all over the globe.

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