Excel Shortcuts for Working with Large Datasets: Tips and Tricks

Excel Shortcuts for Working with Large Datasets: Tips and Tricks


Posted by Ashish Agarwal

All of us use Microsoft Excel for one thing or the other.

We spend so much time looking at rows and rows of data. However, browsing through data, navigating between sheets or even basic formatting can be very time consuming. 

So how about, we look at some simple yet powerful Excel keyboard shortcuts that can perform these actions at the press of a key!

Here are 10 keyboard excel shortcuts that you must know while trying to navigate back and forth from large data sets in Excel. It is important to remind you to practice them once so that you remember to use it later for any situation you might encounter. 

Lets go then and look at them one by one:

Excel Shortcut 1a: Jump to the LAST CELL of a Column (CTRL + ↓)

Excel Shortcut 1b: Jump to the FIRST CELL of a Column (CTRL + ↑)

Excel Shortcut 2a: Navigate from Worksheet 1 to Worksheet 2 (CTRL + PG DN)

Excel Shortcut 2b: Navigate from Worksheet 2 to Worksheet 1 (CTRL + PG UP)

Excel Shortcut 3a: Insert a NEW worksheet (SHIFT + F11)

Excel Shortcut 3b: Delete an existing worksheet (ALT + E + L)

Excel Shortcut 4: Apply an outline border to selected cells (CTRL + SHIFT + &)

Excel Shortcut 5: Format values as % and currency (CTRL + SHIFT + %, CTRL + SHIFT + $)

Excel Shortcut 6a: Hide ROWS (CTRL + 9)

Excel Shortcut 6b: Un-Hide ROWS (CTRL + SHIFT + ( )

Excel Shortcut 7a: Hide COLUMNS (CTRL + 0)

Shortcut 7b: Un-Hide COLUMNS (ALT + O + C + U)

Shortcut 8: Select entire columns (CTRL + SHIFT + ↓)

Shortcut 9: Auto-sum all the above numbers (ALT + =)

Shortcut 10: Insert a comment (SHIFT + F2)

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