The Emerging Careers of the Future: A Comprehensive Guide

The Emerging Careers of the Future: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s not what we achieve, it’s what we overcome. That’s what the crux of career is. Choosing the right career has always been an important feature in one’s life in every culture. Ideating and preparing about a career is a critical phase in every student’s life. As the world witness disruptive changes with digitalization and emerging technologies, the global work landscape is undergoing vast change. Certain professions like bookkeeping, data entry, clerical jobs, are getting redundant. There is a sudden rise of certain very new professions that are trending and seeming like to dominate the future job market. According to  World Economic Forum, ‘the adoption of new technological and structural changes in businesses are predicted to provide over 133 million new jobs in domains like healthcare, Science, Technology, Engineering and  Mathematics, education and workforce management by 2022.’

Covid-19, the pandemic has undoubtedly led to reconstruction of the entire business world. Businesses have been forced to operate remotely. Though it seemed a great hurdle in the initial level, but post the ongoing pandemic, business houses adapted the best way to operate remotely. It’s been also a reckoning experience for certain companies to realize the benefits of distant work in terms of cost and workforce effectiveness. It can’t be denied that this pandemic also boosted certain start-ups and industries. With several industries badly hit by the pandemic, currently, it has become more imperative for present generation to choose a recession resilient career that will continue to be in demand in future.

Let’s take a look at few of the emerging careers that are embarking a new professional world for the future generations.



Data analysts have emerged as one of the lucrative careers in the recent past. With the globe going digital, massive amounts of data are generated every minute. There exist many companies who engage themselves in leveraging these massive amounts of data to find out some trends or patterns. This culminates towards augmented productivity for companies and their employees. The role of data analysts involves translating trajectories, trends and numbers into logical and comprehensible nuggets of information. Businesses gather data such as inventories, profit margins, transportation costs, logistics and sales figures and then analyze them to take some informed business decisions. Data analysts collect and analyze the data and help the companies to go with workable business decisions. Primary job of a data analyst is to resolve any issue that increases company’s costs and to provide better solutions for the expansion of the business. Managing huge data has also become a major concern for today’s companies and a lot of issues concerning with data security also falls under the realm of data analysts.



Artificial Intelligence is the current trend, the most new and fresh technology that is sweeping the entire business world with its endless benefits. Research and surveys clearly state that AI is something that will stay and will become a most sought after career in the coming years. It is better known as a simulation process of human intelligence practiced by machines is ready to boom in the years to come. Applications used in our daily lives, like Google Voice Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, etc., all use AI algorithms. These big companies have introduced and blending AI in the market in such a way to generate great returns. Gradually, this technology is seeping thoroughly across different genre of businesses creating huge demand for AI specialists. AI is designed deftly to take place of human thinking by identifying patterns as well as with the help of past experiences. Today’s AI technology can easily identify objects, translate languages, identify faces & analyze sentiments. As one of the emerging heavy remunerated career, AI provides innumerable technological roles in machine learning, development & data science, software and marketing. 



Many companies are moving to cloud for smooth business operations. Some are going for a hybrid approach. To facilitate working from home, many organizations have moved from on-premise infrastructure to Cloud servers, increasing the demand for SaaS-based collaborative apps to ensure all-time access to information and zero-disruption to business functions. So, in this current situation, the demand of cloud engineers has risen dramatically. A cloud engineer is an IT professional, who plans, designs, executes, manages and provide the technological support relating to cloud computing. A cloud engineer has a variety of roles such as cloud software engineer, cloud architect, cloud systems engineer, cloud network engineer & cloud security engineer. Cloud engineers will be responsible for developing a mixture of house technology as well as outside systems. The future of a cloud engineer is really promising. This career has lot of chances to become one of the emerging careers due to impressive services provided by it such as availing the file backup facility and the easy retrieval facility of the same. According to IDC, by 2021, 70 per cent of new enterprise applications will be developed on the Cloud.



Over the last few years, there has been increasing rise of online presence of almost every type of industries. Apparels, books, perishable products, groceries, medicines to electrical goods, banking services, even education, and every industry was making online provisions. This spiked out of proportion post COVID, where unbelievably every industry managed to sustain by going online.  So, the solid speculation became a actuality, where most of the companies operated online. This rapid rate of online presence of the companies has paved the way for a non-stoppable growth of digital marketing. With digital marketing gaining more prominence and need in the coming years, there will be a lot of opportunities in this field. Digital marketing is going to emerge as a promising career in future. Sales and marketing remain a core part of any business.   Marketing suitably to reign on internet and reach and attract more number of potential customers needs lot of creative and innovative investments on part of digital marketers. Whether you are running a small or big business, you always need a digital marketing specialist to strengthen your online presence. To grow in this competitive world, businesses need to be continually visible on the internet and the services of digital marketer are thereby immensely valuable from the evolution and growth perspective of any business. The role of a digital marketer can be split into different forms depending on the specialty of handling the online business. Social marketing, email marketing, content and inbound marketing, digital planning and strategy and social media marketing are some of them.



Database management and security is a fastest growing career in today’s digital duniya.  It is expected to be in demand in the coming years. To be precise, this field is on the rise and is considered as one of the emerging careers of future. A database manager is accountable for managing and also securing the huge database of any company.  Up keeping the data integrity forms the key responsibility of a database manager. With the increased dependency on the internet and digitally driven applications, and easy access to data, there have been huge cases of cyber attacks. So, securing the data from any kind of unauthorized access and mishandling while making them available to the users has become a primary concern of companies.  So, companies are constantly looking for database manager and cyber security experts to join their teams. Even amidst the COVID recession, the cyber Security database administrator domain have seen steady growth and demand.



Python developer as a career is undoubtedly is becoming a very promising career option at present. Python developers have a shining career ahead as popularity and widespread usage of python has witnessed a steady rise over the last decade. This wonder programming language is widely used for the purposes of game development, numeric & scientific computing, system administration and app development etc. It has now overshadowed Java, C & C++ programming counterparts. As it is an open source language, it can be easily used for creating any kind of application. Its wide usability, robustness & versatility have made it to be one of the top emerging careers of the future.



Product designing and managing is yet another popular career that is trending and is sure to become a lucrative career option of many in the coming years. The idea or concept of every consumer product or services are conceived or designed by product designers. Different companies appoint product designers not only to design FMGC products, consumer durables but also on special products such as telecommunications, electronics, industrial goods and medical equipment. Product designers are responsible for improving the utility and look of the products and redefine a product with lesser production costs. A product designer manages the complete process of product creation right from realizing the probable issues of real people and getting feasible solutions for the same. A Product Manager is a professional who identifies consumer needs. They define the use of a product and then envision customizing the products as per the consumer needs. They play a key role in any organization as they are responsible for describing the product vision, strategy, and roadmap.

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