Data Analytics Jobs: What Skills Do You Need?


Have you considered applying for data analytics jobs?

Big data and data analytics are huge these days. So it’s no surprise that there is a lot of demand for trained data analysts in the industry right now, especially in the banking and financial services sector.

However, there is some sort of an entrance-barrier in place, which prevents non-technical or non-IT employees from getting into this field. Not having the technical knowhow can be a major deterrent for those planning to be data analysts, especially if they are from a non-engineering background.

Let’s discuss that and the other skills you would need to apply for a data analytics job and how to acquire them.

Skill #1: Critical thinking.

A data analyst is first and foremost an analyst, a critical thinker, who separates fact from fiction and is able to get to the truth from looking through large data-sets.

It is the job of the analyst to uncover connections between disparate sets of data and to find answers to important questions that can make or break a business. So to be a data analyst, you must start working on your critical thinking skills.

Skill #2: Good at Math.

Imagine being a data analyst who hates math – that’s like being a soldier who hates the sound of gunfire. If you’re not good at math, you can’t be a data analyst, as simple as that.

As a data analyst, it is your job to understand the relationships between different data-sets; interpret and organize data using various mathematical formulae and algorithms, know how to analyze and measure data and have excellent mental calculation skills.

Skill #3: Business skills.

A data analyst should possess business skills such as decision making, problem solving and communication skills. They should be able to resolve problems in real time, and should be conversant with the latest technological developments in the industry.

Communication is very important for a data analyst. They should be able to express their ideas clearly and without hesitation. They should be able to present and explain data to every other member of the team or to the management.

Also, a good data analyst has excellent time management and organizational skills. They make sure to complete any project assigned to them within a specific deadline.

Skill #4: Technical ability and computer skills.

A good data analyst should be comfortable with using various computer software and tools and should have a very good knowledge of statistics. They should be good at scripting languages such as Python or Matlab, querying languages such as SQL or Hive, statistical languages such as R, SAS or SPSS and, of course, Excel. In fact, Excel is very important for data analysts. We discuss more about this next.

Skill #5: MS Excel.

Knowledge of Excel is absolutely essential to a data analyst. They should be comfortable with handling large data sets within Excel, writing Macros and performing quick analytics. They should be aware of the various functions that exist in Excel and should be able to work their way around them to get the job done.

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