PowerPoint to the Rescue: A Comprehensive Guide from Skillfin Learning

PowerPoint to the Rescue: A Comprehensive Guide from Skillfin Learning

Use of PowerPoint in Workplaces

You are expected to communicate successfully with your superiors, coworkers, clients, and the general public whether you are an engineer or a writer, a professional student, a scientist or a business person. For the most part, that communication includes at least one formal presentation every once in a while.

Formal presentations that take place in the workplace have three primary forms, and those are:

  • Instructional
  • Persuasive
  • Informational

The instructional presentations are basically how to present formatted presentations to teach, explain or train the audience.

Persuasive presentations are basically that allow pitches to clients or supervisors.

The information presentations are used for reporting on research or giving an update on a project.

PowerPoint is a very effective tool for professionals and students if adequately utilised for a technical presentation. The presenters should understand that they have thousands of options for live demonstrations and engagement activities. PowerPoint is primarily available and used worldwide in the workplace.


Benefits of using PowerPoint-

The PPT presentations are a form of digital expression designed with the help of MS PowerPoint software. MS PowerPoint is a software of Microsoft custom office Suite which provides some business communication tools for creating presentations, reports, text documents and some tools to send emails.


There are PowerPoint icons in PowerPoint that helps you organise a page or a slide which will give the audience a clear understanding of complex material. The icons are mostly small and they look modern.


The presentations are made up of slides in which software allows the users to add audio, visuals, animations, etc. The main objective of a PPT presentation is to convey ideas and stories most interactively.

The PowerPoint presentation is an excellent software that will make your business proportion and company’s business models stand out.


The benefits of PPT presentations are-

  1. Allows Customizations- PowerPoint presentations can be customised very easily. Companies or workplaces can get a PPT makeover designed by top designers. The designer arranges all these PPTs from scratch and does a makeover of PPT to make it look more presentable and better. The PowerPoint presentations can be a combination of text and images. Apart from being customisable can also be shared via link or an e-mail and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.


  1. Helps in living an impression- PowerPoint presentation helps convey companies brand identity with a lasting impression with investors and stakeholders, clients, which is crucial. The audience can connect with brand guidelines, including marketing content, company vision, future strategies, companies logo, and products.


  1. Allows us to collaborate ideas- The PowerPoint presentations allow presenters to collaborate on ideas with their team to improve the designing elements and the flow. Presentations become more streamlined when you collaborate with your team members. Every team member can utilise PowerPoint settings to provide some valuable knowledge. For example, they can use the “Review Tab”. Members can make comments within a presentation to make it better.


  1. Time-saving- Hiring a good presentation designing agency can save you a lot. You can brief the agency with the type of content you need, and I will make sure that your presentation is designed with a good effect.


This saves the company’s employees time to concentrate on other responsibilities. The designing agency will handle animations, visuals, pertinent charts, custom typefaces, colour, and schemes.


  1. It has a good impact visually- An excellent and interactive PowerPoint presentation includes multimedia, animation, and graphics. All of the ideas are turned into the firm of effective business communication.

The additional audio and videos can provide an incredible visual impact that may amaze the audience.


How has PowerPoint added value to businesses-

In businesses, it is so important to put facts and figures with visual reinforcement that helps people to focus and help them remember what you are presenting. PowerPoint has added a significant value to businesses because it offers in size explanations and a point of you that your audience can perceive just by reading the bullet points mentioned by you in the presentation.


You can use MS PowerPoint templates to make presentations more engaging. Slides with a lot of written information will not get much more attention. Thus, you need to use various options provided by MS PowerPoint and leave a good impact.


Suppose a company is using the Microsoft Office suite, which is limited to words for typing and Excel for various calculations. In that case, it may be missing out on special software, which is PowerPoint.


Businesses use Microsoft PowerPoint to simplify the creation of presentations, and the PowerPoint software also assists with a range of other activities. If not yet, allow PowerPoint to join your team so that you can prepare and conduct recruit training reports, financials, and so on.


PowerPoint allows you to do more than you can ever imagine enhancing the effectiveness of businesses.

Do you know how to add videos in PowerPoint? Let us guide you. To make your business slides more active, you can add videos using the following few and easy steps.

Let us assume that you have already downloaded a video on your computer device, and it is placed inside a folder. Follow these steps to continue.

  1. Open your presentation and select the slide you would like to add a video to.
  2. Now, select the insert tab and click on the video.
  3. Click on the video from the file and select the video file from the folder it is placed in.
  4. It will take some time for the video to load on your slide, depending upon the size of the video.
  5. Click on your video when it is loaded, and two new apps will be opened so that you can modify the playback options.
  6. On the Playback option, click on start and select the way you want your video to load. You can also go for a few other options and resize the video by dragging its corners.
  7. Save your presentation, and you are good to go, the video you wanted to appear embedded in your presentation.


Another significant feature used in PowerPoint for business purposes that brings an enormous value is ‘notes’. If you don’t know how to add notes to PowerPoint, leave it up to us!

The PowerPoint presentation notes assist you in remember a number of the foremost delicate details during a quickly accessible format. The notes come up on the screen in a presenter view but not on the screen of anybody else seeing the slideshow. Let’s see how to add this magical element to your slides-

  1. Add notes to the respective sides with the help of a “notes” button.
  2. As your slideshow plays, presentation notes appear next to them on the screen, but they also can be printed out with the slides.
  3. You can make notes on PowerPoint slides to help you with the editing process or give a presentation.


Free PowerPoint training courses-

There are various free courses available to train you in PowerPoint well. Anyone who’s wanting to learn PowerPoint and master every skill can opt for these courses. You will learn about various features and how to use them to make your presentations effective enough. Instead of stuffing ideas in your slides, you need to make your slides more informative. An excellent eye-catching presentation with relevant information is a win-win in every field, especially in businesses and top companies.


  1. Microsoft PowerPoint OnlineTutorialThere are various video lessons for free that would be provided to you to make use of all advanced features real quick. In this free course, you’d get 69 Video lessons where their experts will guide you and make you learn everything step-by-step. This course will help empower you with the necessary knowledge and skills and gain proficiency so that you’re able to create elegant yet informative presentations.


  1. Improve your PowerPoint and design skills – The course is divided into two main chapters for you to learn and understand easily. The first chapter will help you understand powerful Presentation tricks. The second chapter includes teaching you slide-by-slide processes to make your designs of your presentations like a masterpiece.


  1. Business Presentation Skills TrainingThe main objective of this course is to provide learning about tools for creating attractive and straightforward slides to create and improve a speaker’s presentation. Universal designing concepts, colours, templates, typefaces, slide typography, use of pictograms, and strategies to build transparent and understandable charts and diagrams are the main areas covered in this free online course.


PowerPoint for working professionals-

Ms PowerPoint is an excellent tool for working professionals. The most successful business professionals have one thing in common: knowing how to effectively structure their thoughts, present their views in the most meaningful manner, and interact with the audience creating a good social impact.


Improve skills and presentation. You can showcase your professional expertise regularly and accelerate your business to get more attention in your business life. It also helps you gain respect and sell your ideas to anyone more.


PowerPoint is the most practical and accessible way to create visuals for potential investors for all the working professionals. Here’s how!

  1. First-impression: A fantastic corporate presentation design makes the best first impression on the target audience. It allows several market penetration techniques and business growth channels to increase attention and create an excellent first impression.


  1. It makes you more expressive: People can express themselves more through PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint presentations impact through a video or a static presentation will never fail to leave an impression on the audience.

Presentation designs in companies can help you improve your slides by adding relevant design components, various formats of motion visibility factors such as animation and transition, background music, stunning pictures that breathe life into otherwise static slides.


  1. Customisable PowerPoint templates- make use of customizable professional design PowerPoint templates, which gained popularity and reach all around the globe. Please give you East to work and a room for creative visual ads that are time-saving, maximising your reach and usefulness.


  1. Real-time collaborations: PowerPoint presentation ensures real-time partnerships among professionals spread across the different parts of the globe. It provides actionable insights relevant to informed decisions and will trust and transparency among the people involved.


  1. Flexibility: PowerPoint presentation allows you to design, edit, modify or delete numerous designing elements, including text content giving the designer absolute control over custom slides that align with business processes and customer requirements.


  1. Massive range of file integration- Microsoft PowerPoint includes various file integration options such as PDF, word, excel and other formats that may be readily combined with slides, allowing you to connect and collaborate across different file types and business circumstances. We can also collaborate and edit the same file with several users at the same time using SharePoint.


  1. Live broadcast: The live presentation of PowerPoint slides makes it an excellent medium for reaching a more vast audience that is well-versed in the latest technologies and is continuously changing and responding to the dynamic corporate changes. Using professional design services to redesign your presentations as a traditional corporation with contemporary thinking provides a competitive advantage.


Scope of MS PowerPoint in future:

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful software that can help you deliver a presentation on any topic related to business. The PowerPoint presentations will have an even more high scope in future. This will ensure that you learn to make PowerPoint presentations using various features to land in top office-based jobs. , It will have more opportunities in the future because almost every field uses presentations to describe work, give reports, and more.


The presenters are regularly improving their skills in making presentations and to get better in future you also should look honestly at a performance and ask others to give feedback. By doing this, you will be able to figure out in which areas you need to improve, which also required analytical thinking as well.



Now that you have understood some main features and functioning of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can take online courses to create powerful professional presentations using their unique tips. An excellent professional presentation will come from PowerPoint templates which helps you build the perfect presentation and attract the audience.

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