Free Online Courses in Excel: Enhance Your Skills with Skillfin Learning

Free Online Courses in Excel: Enhance Your Skills with Skillfin Learning

What is the importance of Excel today?

When you’re dealing with ample amounts of data and calculations, Excel can prove to be an essential tool for increasing your productivity by allowing workers to be more efficient. If you have a more profound knowledge of MS Excel, you’d be able to use some complex tools that help you to finish your job and analyze your data more rapidly.

Excel has presently included new information analysis tools and visualization tools that make spotting trends, analyze data, and access data more accessible than ever. You can consider and display some significant developments and emphasize exceptions with colored gradients, information bars, and icons using conditional formatting with rich information show strategies.

In today’s times, MS Excel has become a mainstay of end users along with the business professionals, firms, volunteer teams, service businesses, private sector organizations, college, students, educators, trainers, researchers, scientists, journalists, accountants, and so on making good use of Excel.

Using MS Excel as an end-user computing instrument is vital from the perspective of many employers, particularly for those in the field of Data Programs.


What are the possible career options?

Excel is a data recording and analysis program used by a wide range of professionals in various fields. There are many jobs where you can utilize excel in a variety of settings. The different job options that where you’re required to work on MS Excel are as follows-


  • Accountants and Auditors- The main work of the Accountants and Auditors is to look over financial statements and documents to make sure they are accurate. Accountants and Auditors should organize all documents to file some important financial information and submit tax returns.


  • Administrative Assistants- The Administrative Assistants help organizations they work in to run smoothly by contributing to many different tasks. They organize documents, schedule appointments, create reports, etc. They need to have experience in Excel to prepare various spreadsheets while working.


  • Financial Analyst- To analyze data, the Financial Analysts must have experience in various software, including Excel. They have to study the data and help decide investment opportunities and write reports with detailed information.


  • Market Research Analyst- Market Research Analysts use MS Excel daily. They collect data and evaluate it to recognize trends within a market to predict potential sales. They need to have strong skills in Excel that prove to be very efficient in this job that requires accuracy while recording essential data.


  • Statisticians- The main work of statisticians is to evaluate data from a variety of fields. They must develop techniques to solve various problems, and to do so, they collect data and use Excel to analyze and transfer the data into a graph or a table.


This list of job profiles doesn’t end here. Many other significant job profiles that are not listed above also require you to use MS Excel daily and deliver good results.


What are the different courses available for Excel?

To attain mastery in Microsoft Excel and become much more efficient in analysis, you can take up various free online courses and build your career in different job profiles, as mentioned in the above point. It would be best if you were efficient enough to become an expert, and therefore, we’re listing out some of the best free online courses that you’d find interesting and informative for learning MS Excel.

Let’s have a brief understanding of what these significant courses have to offer-



  1. Pivot Tables in ExcelA Pivot Table is a sophisticated tool for calculating, summarizing, and analyzing data, enabling you to spot similarities, trends, and patterns. The PivotTables react differently depending on the system on which you are running MS Excel. This free online course about Pivot Tables in MS Excel covers four significant points of discussion, and those are-
  • Pivot Tables
  • Data Analysis using Pivot Tables
  • Data aggregation without using Pivot Tables
  • Data consolidation with Pivot Chart Wizards

The course has a great response from experienced students. Mentioning this skill in your resume can enhance your skill section. This course is highly recommended for students who want to be an expert in Pivot Table and not just learners.

The content videos of this course take around 1 hour. You can take up this course anytime, according to your convenience and schedule. It is better to invest some time in practicing the real-life assignments and illustrations.


  1. Creating Advanced Charts and Graphs in ExcelAn advanced chart and graphs in excel have a specific application, or it presents data in a particular method for use. You can construct an advanced chart in excel by using primary charts currently included in the program by starting from scratch or using some of the pre-made templates. In this course, you would be learning how to create some great visualization tools utilizing advanced charts and graphs in MS Excel. The course is divided into 7 points of comprehensive learning, and those are-
  • Excel Dynamic Charts in 4 Steps
  • Tracking Stock Price Movements using Dynamic Line Charts
  • TreeMap Charts in Excel
  • Sunburst Charts in Excel
  • Waterfall Chart in Excel 2016 and its limitations
  • Dynamic Progress Circle Charts
  • 3- Dimensional Charts for Effective Presentation

The video content under this course is of 1.5 hours approx which you can get access to anytime and anywhere according to your convenience. After enrolling in this course, you will get access to this course for about one year across any device. During this time, you can also take up training anytime, anywhere.


  1. Data Analysis using TEXT Functions in ExcelUsing text Function, the values convert into text. However, the Text method converts any value to text format, and we can even change the style of the transformed data. We have to choose the cell we want to convert and the format we would like to convert it. There are instances when you need to convert certain numbers to text, and this is where the TEXT function comes in handy for the Excel masters. The formula for TEXT Function is- =TEXT(value, format_text). Under this course, you’d get learning based on these five major modules, and those are-
  • Complete overview of Microsoft Excel interface
  • Data analysis in Excel
  • Data manipulation in Excel
  • Data cleaning in Excel
  • Application of TEXT Functions in data analysis

The design of this course is in such a way as to provide a classroom-like coaching experience with online convenience. This course related to Data Science in Microsoft Excel is a very interactive training program in which you can practice the graphics shown in the videos at your own pace of learning. You can also collaborate and discuss important things with other participants directly in every lecture through the discussion board.


  1. Financial Modeling Functions in Excel In simpler terms, Financial modeling is the process of constructing a spreadsheet that contains a summary of a company’s earnings and expenses. It may use that to evaluate the impact of a future decision or an event. For business executives, a financial model can be helpful in various ways. Financial analysts mostly use it to examine and forecast how future events or executive choices affect a company’s market performance. MS Excel plays a massive role in the field of Financial Modelling. Taking this course is very beneficial as it provides a good learning experience in these six subjects-
  • EMI functions for Home Loans
  • Goal Seek Function in Excel
  • Scenario Modeling Function
  • Total Shareholder Return (TSR) functions
  • IRR, NPV, XIRR, XNPV, MIRR Functions
  • PMT, NPER, RATE, PPMT, IPMT Functions


The video content for this course provided to you would be of 1.5 hours approx. You can take this course anytime, according to your convenience and schedule. It is essential to take up real-life assignments to understand the topic better.


Scope of these online courses in the future?

The scope of learning these introductory courses is vast. These courses are for professionals who are already working in MS Excel for data representation. Taking these courses will prove to be very interesting for them to get a platform to improve their skills. It will help add some extra edge to the career by giving them comprehensive learning on the craft.

The courses are for students who are new to this and want to pursue their career in management. After completing this course, it will be beneficial for the students to move ahead towards various jobs and internships and expand their horizons into different job profiles listed at the beginning of this article.

After completing these free online courses listed above, you will be ready to give interviews for your dream jobs. These courses in Excel are a great way to shape your career.

15 benefits of Learning Excel-

Advanced Excel Training and knowledge can bring several benefits for both your business and your employees as well. Employees who have been trained well in MS Excel will be able to effectively convey their data to senior management.

Let us take a look at 15 significant benefits of Learning Excel:

  1. Sharpening the skill set of employees- Excel can be used to enhance your skill set to advance your career. You’d be able to read and understand spreadsheets and data from other departments and customers.


  1. Improved efficiency and productivity for employees- It is a significant tool for speeding your efficio and productivity, especially when dealing with data and calculations.


  1. Giving yourself a tag of a valuable member of the company- If you’re well educated with the features of Excel, it brings job security and opens gates of new opportunities too.


  1. Enhances your skill at organizing Data- Excel is a go-to too for collecting and organising data. It makes your organization of data better using advanced capabilities.


  1. Excel can make jobs easier for employees- Ms Excel provides features in shortcuts that can allow you to work faster and better. 


  1. Excel creates Greater efficiency and increases productivity for employers- The more efficiently employees are working, the more productive will be the work of employers. Excel training can prove to be very beneficial.


  1. Allows you to better use an asset you have already acquired- The software programs are assets and the ones that can be considered less-utilized if the employees have not taken the training well.


  1. With the little amount of expense and effort, it allows you to grow knowledge of employees.


  1. It takes some stress off of your IT team- when employees are appropriately trained well through various online courses, it takes off some stress from the IT team. If not, then the IT team will have to pick up all the slack.


  1. It provides your employees with a more satisfying job experience- If you’re taking advanced Excel coursework then as an employee, it would help in continuing the growth of the company and you’d be satisfied with your pace of growth.


  1. Handling small and big Data better with Excel-  When a business starts to grow, you need employees that have a good Excel game too. Big data entry and analysis requires more time and effort. The advanced Excel skills in you would have no problems in analysing and growing your company.
  2. Excel helps in networking or growing a business- you also have an option of using the advanced Excel skills in such a way that you can create a business that focuses around Excel tips and how to perform activities on it, to teach others. In this way, you will be able to advance your network through Excel.
  3. Has a wider scope- No other software is as efficient as Excel. Excel is a very powerful tool and it has evolved so much since its launch. It is reputable and you have a huge scope in your career in the upcoming years with Excel by your side.
  4. Increment in Salary- With the increase in job opportunities and options, there has been an increment in salary for working professionals who have hands-on knowledge about Excel and it’s various tools.
  5. Excel is used worldwide- Another benefit of learning Excel is that it is used worldwide. Even if you shift to another country with the same domain of your work. Excel would be the medium of handling data there as well.



That was all about MS Excel and some of the courses provided to you for free to enhance your skills in Excel. It creates an excellent opportunity to improve your career choices and your resumes too. Data plays a huge role in making decisions in various business activities, and thus, Excel plays an essential subject here.

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