Why Self-Learning is the Key to Earning: The Benefits of Doing It Yourself

Why Self-Learning is the Key to Earning: The Benefits of Doing It Yourself


We’re all self-learners by birth. If you’ve noticed, children have an amazing ability to learn new things and pick up new information. They’re always learning from their surroundings and from the actions or talk of adults.

But as adults, most of us find self-learning to be an incredibly difficult thing to do, mainly because of lack of focus, boredom and the fact that most self-learning courses put you to sleep and are not worth the money.

However, self-learning matters today more than at any time in the past. College education has become so expensive that only the privileged can afford to go to the best colleges and universities. We all know about the student loan crisis in the United States.

But that’s not the only concern – college education does not really equip you for a job in the corporate world. Yes, you will get a degree out of spending 4 to 5 years in college, but did you really learn anything? Did you pick up any skills of real value that could give you an edge in the workplace? Did you learn anything in college that can help you make money in the real world?

Well, for most of us, the answer is no. At Skillfin Learning we offer online courses to students and working professionals hoping to land a better job in the industry, with a specific focus on financial services and business. We are major advocates of self-learning being essential to earning in this day and age. Just a degree will not do the trick for you, you must pick up essential skills which you may or may not learn in college.

Let’s quickly talk about the Benefits of Self-Learning and why it is so important in the real word.

#1: You will pick up real skills.

When you go to college, you will pick up a degree and learn a lot of things. But do you really pick up a skill?

Talk to recruiters and they will tell you how college education is not enough and any prospective employee has to learn real, job specific skills to provide value to the organization and succeed in the workplace.

Self-learning will help you pick up those critical skills, as long as you get the right guidance, such as from the online courses at Skillfin Learning.

#2: You will develop focus and concentration.

The biggest impediment to self-learning is a lack of focus. It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re learning by yourself.

But once you get over this hurdle, you will learn to control your mind and stop it from wandering here and there. This will give you the focus to succeed at work and business.

Remember: If you don’t have focus, you will always lead a mediocre life and never achieve your true potential.

#3: You will learn new things in a stress-free environment.

Is your job stressful for you? It is for many of us. The problem with the job based environment is that the focus on everything – office politics, work pressure, deadlines, etc – except for the reason you’re there for, picking up a new skill.

That is why self-learning matters. You will pick up valuable skills from the privacy of your home, at your own pace and where nobody can judge you. You will have complete focus on your lessons rather than worry about things that don’ really matter in the long run.

SKILLFIN LEARNING is a top-rated provider of self-learning services. Our online courses are targeted at students and busy working professionals. You will get practical and on-the-job like training that is relevant in the industry.

We invite you to join the 25,000 self-learners from over 165 countries who have enrolled in our online courses.

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